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incredible / невероятный, потрясающий, неимоверный
имя прилагательное
incredible, improbable, fabulous, unbelievable, unlikely, unthinkable
tremendous, terrific, shocking, startling, incredible, breathtaking
incredible, zingy, super, cool, killing, tremendous
improbable, unlikely, incredible, unthinkable, fabulous, steep
имя прилагательное
impossible to believe.
an almost incredible tale of triumph and tragedy
difficult to believe; extraordinary.
the noise from the crowd was incredible
Probably over the last four seasons they have been stronger, so to do what we did last year was an incredible feat.
His portraits are incredible feats of mastery and the hardest of his constant commissions.
What made the feat even more incredible is that he scored the hole in one on the ninth and he was playing the third at the time.
He gets an incredible thrill from cooking and becomes quite animated while talking about it.
I have the impression a digicam without rechargeable batteries might be an incredible pain.
Burchill met his cross with a superb header but the keeper defied him with an incredible one-handed save.
His unknown assailant had taken him down with superb speed and incredible timing.
It's a fabulous place to live - incredible weather, great people, brilliant nightlife.
The final, incredible twist was that it was the younger boy who had invented these characters and instigated his own murder.
Brazil's use of the adjectival f-word is so impressive that it seems incredible that he was able to suppress it on air.