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increase / увеличение, рост, прирост
имя существительное
increase, magnification, enlargement, growth, rise, augmentation
growth, increase, rise, growing, height, expansion
growth, increase, gain, increment, accretion, augmentation
increase, enhance, enlarge, add, magnify, augment
increase, grow, rise, enlarge, swell, multiply
grow, increase, go up, mount, sprout, grow in stature
имя существительное
an instance of growing or making greater.
an increase from sixteen to eighteen clubs
become or make greater in size, amount, intensity, or degree.
car use is increasing at an alarming rate
It is also believed that an increase in sunspot activity can have an affect on pole reversal.
it'll increase in value over time
The tall buildings increase wind drag on the city, resulting in vertical velocities - essentially a boiling action - that can enhance rainfall.
we are aiming to increase awareness of social issues
My bill arrives at its percentage increase by averaging the increases on four items.
we are aiming to increase awareness of social issues
The past year has seen an increase in the amount of guitar-based music in the charts.
Etes say that the increase in the size of the show owes a great deal to the change of venue.
an increase from sixteen to eighteen clubs
he was waiting for the next pay increase