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incorrect / неправильный, неверный, некорректный
имя прилагательное
wrong, incorrect, improper, irregular, abnormal, false
incorrect, wrong, unfaithful, infidel, untrue, faithless
incorrect, indecorous, ill-conditioned
inaccurate, imprecise, inexact, incorrect, loose, unfaithful
имя прилагательное
not in accordance with fact; wrong.
the doctor gave you incorrect advice
not in accordance with particular standards or rules.
strictly speaking, the form of address was incorrect
The book is often mistaken in its views and incorrect in the supposedly factual information it contains.
A not uncommon objection is that the questions framed by the national court are, in some sense, incorrect .
Our conclusion was that these were incorrect , grossly distorted and thus misleading.
Kelvin was eventually shown to have been wrong because his assumptions were incorrect .
Hopefully they all now realise that your headline was wrong and that you had used an incorrect figure.
It would be false and incorrect to state in your book that I have not responded to your questions.
This is just a blatant incorrect usage that happened so often that the rules changed.
By quoting a different reference, Russell is wrong in stating that our core assertion is incorrect .
Then all those he has misled into incorrect spellings in their logbooks will wish to contact him.
People abroad have a wildly incorrect idea of what we are actually about over here.