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inconvenience / неудобство, беспокойство
имя существительное
inconvenience, disadvantage, discomfort, nuisance, uneasiness, discommode
concern, anxiety, worry, trouble, disturbance, inconvenience
disturb, bother, inconvenience
причинять неудобство
discomfort, inconvenience, discommode, put out, put to inconvenience
worry, disturb, bother, trouble, harass, inconvenience
имя существительное
trouble or difficulty caused to one's personal requirements or comfort.
the inconvenience of having to change trains
cause trouble or difficulty to.
noise and fumes from traffic would inconvenience residents
They decided to spare the authorities any inconvenience and leave the people shivering with cold.
Often such duty-based helping concern causes considerable personal sacrifice or inconvenience to the leader.
It is going to cause hardship and inconvenience to many people.
It is rather the other way about: the injury to the amenity of the land consists in the fact that the persons on it are liable to suffer inconvenience , annoyance or illness.
The parents of these children neither know, nor care where they are, so long as they are not causing them any inconvenience , or harassing people in their own locality.
the inconvenience of having to change trains
Besides the badly scarred skin, the failure can damage patients' urethra and rectum, which causes inconvenience and severe pain.
It needs to be cherished and supported, even if this involves a certain amount of personal inconvenience .
noise and fumes from traffic would inconvenience residents
It is not clear if patients regard such inconvenience and disturbance as worth while to obtain accurate readings or what patients feel about the alternatives.