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inconstant / непостоянный, изменчивый, неустойчивый
имя прилагательное
unstable, impermanent, fickle, changeable, inconstant, non-permanent
volatile, changeable, variable, mutable, checkered, inconstant
unstable, erratic, unsteady, labile, tippy, inconstant
имя прилагательное
frequently changing; variable or irregular.
their exact dimensions aren't easily measured since they are inconstant
This Stoic tradition was quite clear that respect for human dignity could move us to appropriate action, both personal and social, without our having to rely at all on the messier and more inconstant motive of compassion.
The world is cruel and rancid, the body is a receptacle of foul gasses and inconstant emotions, and the soul is a paltry fiction.
But with Kerry the charge isn't that he's inconstant .
The individual members of this particular community are by no means all wonderfully multifaceted, but they are at least inconstant , generous and judgmental, visionary and blinkered, capable of extreme kindness and gross inhumanity.
Would that you again resemble the inconstant people who knew only effervescence, which we falsely called enthusiasm!
The inconstant Moon is well named because the closeness of the Moon to Earth changes with the Sun's tidal force - its differential gravitation.
Our passions, they concede, make us false, foolish, inconstant , and uncertain.
She had dirty blonde hair which had that straight, heavy look that often comes with inconstant grooming.
They're almost cheerfully callous and casually inconstant .
It all underscores the fact that the administration of the resource management legislation in New Zealand is incredibly uneven and inconstant around the country.