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inconspicuous / незаметный, неприметный, не привлекающий внимания
имя прилагательное
inconspicuous, invisible, imperceptible, obscure, insensible, undistinguished
inconspicuous, indiscernible, rank-and-file
не привлекающий внимания
имя прилагательное
not clearly visible or attracting attention; not conspicuous.
an inconspicuous red-brick building
Like its grifter characters, it's only as flashy as it needs to be and knows the value of being inconspicuous .
As long as a pupil is quiet, inconspicuous and conformist, everything is fine.
When I start a temp job I try and remain inconspicuous , keeping quiet in the corner and not drawing too much attention to myself.
The things that affect the viewer most are often inconspicuous , undramatic.
In order to be inconspicuous and not arouse the attention of any Socialists, I've asked you to attend in disguise this month.
By day, he is an inconspicuous odd job man in his forties.
It is imperative to have a foot patrol which is a very efficient way of controlling inconspicuous poaching activities.
She wanted an inconspicuous house close to Dublin city centre.
But the easy music and inconspicuous action is made jarring by the fact that the man is naked.
Were white rhinestone suits the most inconspicuous garments to wear?