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inconsiderate / опрометчивый, неосмотрительный, невнимательный к другим
имя прилагательное
reckless, rash, heady, hasty, inconsiderate, imprudent
imprudent, inconsiderate, incautious, unadvised, unguarded, precipitate
невнимательный к другим
имя прилагательное
thoughtlessly causing hurt or inconvenience to others.
it's inconsiderate of her to go away without telling us
On weekends you will also find that there are uncaring and inconsiderate drivers who do not observe speed limits and rules of the road.
An evil inconsiderate action for which I was immediately admonished by everyone in my family.
No one thought that was very funny, if anything it was immature and inconsiderate .
Play the songs so loud that it is inconsiderate to my neighbours.
They argue much of what we believe to be left-overs from inconsiderate chewers are lichens, the most primitive form of plant life.
Most of these accidents are caused by inconsiderate , selfish people who don't even insure their cars, and we are left to pay the bill.
Residents in the area are also annoyed at the disruption being caused by what they consider to be inconsiderate motorists.
People are so inconsiderate , especially on Friday evenings.
This is seen to be inconsiderate and to some staff/guests, rude.
Also, there are inconsiderate golfers who tend to walk ahead or pass by others immediately after executing their shot.