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inconsequent / непоследовательный, неуместный, не относящийся к делу
имя прилагательное
inconsistent, incoherent, inconsequent, inconsequential, discursive, undigested
irrelevant, inappropriate, improper, incongruous, impertinent, inconsequent
не относящийся к делу
irrelevant, irrelative, unpointed, extrinsic, inconsequent, inconsequential
Well, she knows why: it's that ‘he’ is not even an ‘it’ but only an effectively inconsequent something.
The title is as inconsequent as the rest of the production, which is meant to create laughter and succeeds.
Incipient socialism shared the same terrain as liberalism, the defence of private interest, but proposed inconsequent and unacceptable solutions to the conditions which liberalism simply affirmed.
I had got attached to the place and its strange inconsequent life, its near-peacefulness and distant dangers.
I should have done you a greater service had I pointed out to you its thoughtlessness, its inconsequence , and its want of comprehension.
We chatted inconsequently , watching the kids screaming around the church basement gym while the junior scout leaders vainly tried to impose some semblance of order.
In much the same way that I prefer my hamburgers to taste of real ingredients and my chips to be cooked all the way through, I'm a fan of fulfilling inconsequence , titillating trivia, some satisfaction with the superficiality.
No matter how hard he fought against it, it was almost impossible to not long for the expensive foreign cars and thirteen bedroom homes that were so frequently (and inconsequently ) talked about in the classroom.
Anyway, back to the issue and the point is that unless we start making a noise for ourselves we will be further condemned to the dustbins of inconsequence that are our sheds.
But in the preceding century, England was frequently an afterthought on the world stage, an island kingdom tinkering on the brink of inconsequence .