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inconclusive / неубедительный, неокончательный, незавершенный
имя прилагательное
unconvincing, inconclusive, flimsy, lame, weak, thin
inconclusive, indecisive, indeterminate, commutable, undecisive, open-ended
unfinished, incomplete, inconclusive, open, unachieved, unaccomplished
имя прилагательное
not leading to a firm conclusion; not ending doubt or dispute.
the medical evidence is inconclusive
The first HSE investigation into the site, in 2001, produced inconclusive results.
Autopsies on the cows found high levels of toxicity but the results were inconclusive .
And he offered to bring in an outside consultant if the results were inconclusive .
These studies are conflicting and inconclusive as a result of problems in their design.
Police said last night that the results of post-mortem examinations on the two bodies had proved inconclusive .
If, as the report acknowledges, the available research is inconclusive , a cautionary approach would be wise.
The inconclusive election result sparked a scramble to see which party could come up with a majority.
However, Mr Howard said their conversation regarded an inconclusive video of the incident.
That meeting was inconclusive and they had to return at 10am for more discussions.
The results of most of the tests were inconclusive , although the canum did seem to allow me to hear nearby ducks remarkably clearly.