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incompressible / несжимаемый, несжимающийся
имя прилагательное
incompressible, incondensable
имя прилагательное
not able to be compressed.
I do understand that and, as I say, we are trying to compress the incompressible .
Additionally, intelligent data compression will automatically detect data that is not compressible and turn off compression for such incompressible data files.
Hydrostats are characterized by a central volume of pressurized incompressible fluid surrounded by a membrane in tension; all amniote intromittent organs include a central space surrounded by a tensile membrane.
In our approach, we take the incompressible nature of the motion into consideration and avoid the calculation of the spatiotemporal derivatives of the images, which are often nearly singular in large regions of the images.
A phenomenological theoretical study has modeled the edge by treating lipids as incompressible yet elastically deformable objects whose energy depends on chain extension length as well as headgroup packing density curvature.
I do understand that and, as I say, we are trying to compress the incompressible .
Osmotically induced volume changes result in vesicle shape changes because of the relative incompressibility of the membrane bilayer.
Other than fluid incompressibility and cyclic averaging, no assumptions are required!
Owing to the incompressibility of the fluid, variation in the longitudinal flow must be accompanied by lateral motion of the basilar membrane.
This topological change is a consequence of the in-plane incompressibility of the lipids, and alters the total Gaussian curvature of the system.
In this way is guaranteed that the method verifies asymptotically the incompressibility condition and in addition the imposition can be done a priori.