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incomprehension / непонимание
имя существительное
имя существительное
failure to understand something.
they gave him a look of complete incomprehension
Children, left to their own devices, stand on the sidelines where they observe the grown-ups with a mixture of incomprehension and sudden insight.
In fact, it's only when I ask for another coffee that he complains, his voice pitched somewhere between disgust and incomprehension .
I remember listening to Debussy preludes for the first couple of times with similar enjoyable incomprehension .
Ilse looked at him with bemused incomprehension .
It's then that I glance over at Irian, who is listening to our niceties with complete incomprehension .
When the appeal is turned down he looks at the umpire the way a teenager looks at his father when told he cannot have £50 for a night out: incomprehension .
On the other hand, there is still a very real cynicism, unease and basic incomprehension which prevents complete acceptance.
On the whole, not a great success, ending as it did in mumbling confession of love, response of utter incomprehension and threats of violence from older brother.
Could it be because you're operating with complete incomprehension of their feelings - which this week are very, very touchy?
But, as my conversation with two Georgian fellows spilled out into the corridor, I sensed the rising waters of mutual incomprehension .