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incommunicado / отрезанный от внешнего мира, лишенный общения с людьми, находящийся в одиночном заключении
имя прилагательное
отрезанный от внешнего мира
лишенный общения с людьми
находящийся в одиночном заключении
имя прилагательное
not able, wanting, or allowed to communicate with other people.
they were separated and detained incommunicado
The project from the 6th circle of hell has been put to bed (for the second time in a month) and, as far as work's concerned, I'm incommunicado for a week.
For example, as discussed previously in this report, a person could be held incommunicado indefinitely with no apparent opportunity for judicial review.
It seems rather suspicious that he's gone incommunicado .
We don't kidnap people and hold them incommunicado .
I expect he'll be incommunicado for at least 2 weeks.