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incoming / входящий, поступающий, вступающий
имя прилагательное
incoming, entering, inbound, ingoing, incomer, re-entrant
incoming, intrant
incoming, intrant
имя существительное
coming, parish, arrival, advent, receipt, incoming
arrival, coming, incoming, advent
gain, finance, incoming, issue
имя прилагательное
in the process of coming in; arriving.
incoming passengers
имя существительное
revenue; income.
keep an account of your incomings and outgoings
But although his metal detector could be used in water, David, a member of York and District Metal Detecting Club, was soon forced to abandon the search because of the incoming tide.
Juvenile salmon use more than one migration path and sea lice can travel large distances on incoming tides.
With the new incoming administration this is a better time than ever to look at the export opportunities for companies in Yorkshire and Humber
He thanked the players, also those who gave a commitment to their county in 2002, and wished the incoming management of all teams the best of luck in 2003.
However, customers will still only be able to receive incoming calls and make outgoing emergency calls.
There are presently only 50 stations to process incoming visitors, and that may not be adequate to handle the traffic surge.
The system was planned only in the sense that we knew how we could help incoming officials, if only they would let us, and we had some sense of how they could help us.
So the incoming administration should listen carefully to the voice of the junior prosecutors.
He wished the incoming officers every success.
Only the 1,566-foot long viaduct carrying the railway line across Morecambe Bay holds its own against the incoming tide - very exciting to watch.