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incoherent / бессвязный, несвязный, непоследовательный
имя прилагательное
rambling, incoherent, disconnected, scrappy, unconnected, delirious
incoherent, disjointed, desultory, inconsequential
inconsistent, incoherent, inconsequent, inconsequential, discursive, undigested
stupid, goofy, obtuse, incoherent, gormless, dim
loose, friable, lax, soft, crumbly, incoherent
имя прилагательное
(of spoken or written language) expressed in an incomprehensible or confusing way; unclear.
he screamed some incoherent threat
(of waves) having no definite or stable phase relationship.
This means that coherent spin waves will appear below the temperature at which magnetic ordering sets in, while a transverse incoherent component will exist above.
Although he is verbally incoherent due to heavy medication, John has worked solidly for the last 10 years on this collection of abstract paintings.
In particular, in this work, neutron elastic incoherent scattering was utilized to study the dynamics of the lipoplexes as a function of DNA concentration.
I'm very grateful that these incoherent ramblings find some resonance out there - we can all do with some validation can't we?
Instead of boring you with one of my long, incoherent ramblings, I have decided to cut them up into shorter, incoherent ramblings, for your pleasure.
He just kept shivering and muttering incoherent fragments of distorted English.
This encouraged speculation that a man so apparently incoherent couldn't have written his own lyrics.
Much of the rest of the e-mail is rambling, incoherent , badly written, nonsensical, fanciful, and downright unbelievable.
There is acute onset of delusions, hallucinations, incomprehensible or incoherent speech, or any combination of these.
Given the facts in this case, the jury's verdict is logically incoherent .
Clearly unhappy with the attention he was receiving around that time, he gave a number of rambling, incoherent interviews that hinted at some of the darker recesses of his psyche.