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inclusive / включительно
inclusive, inclusively
имя прилагательное
including, inclusive
comprising, inclusive
включающий в себя
comprising, involving, embracing, inclusive
имя прилагательное
including or covering all the services, facilities, or items normally expected or required.
the price is inclusive, with few incidentals
Fully inclusive prices including flights, transfers, full board and diving start at £1350.
Westminster's question about ‘the chief end of man’ may be set aside because its language is not inclusive .
As this is is an inclusive service, the fee also covers the procurements of gifts to the happy couple.
Centrino bundles based on older Pentium Ms, models 735 through to 770 inclusive , saw their prices cut by 30.8 per cent.
The Barcelona Declaration is a blueprint for action to assist and to facilitate local authorities to create a more inclusive society and an accessible environment for people with disabilities.
The fee may be either an all inclusive flat rate or a fee for each service received (consultations, diagnostic tests, medicines dispensed, etc).
An inclusive God, it would seem, requires an inclusive sacramental system as well.
The offer is available until mid-December and is limited from Sundays to Thursdays inclusive .
It has also been argued that the frontier experience made America a more tolerant and inclusive society, gave a higher status to women than many other countries and stimulated the desire for public education.
Some worshipers have an especially keen awareness of just how inclusive each praise service is.