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incivility / невежливость, неучтивость
имя существительное
discourtesy, impoliteness, incivility, indiscretion, discourteousness
discourtesy, incivility, indiscretion, discourteousness
имя существительное
rude or unsociable speech or behavior.
absenteeism and incivility were not tolerated
Complaints against North Yorkshire Police officers continue to fall - but half of all allegations still involve claims of assault or incivility , according to a new report.
All about us one sees the flourishing of a vigorous new illiteracy, widely distributed and attached to muscular incivility and crime.
When politeness is all we have connecting us to others, incivility takes on an exaggerated significance.
There has been a rise in the number of complaints of incivility in certain areas, and this has been identified here as fixed penalty tickets that have been issued for road safety matters like driving while not wearing a seat belt.
The code of conduct stipulates among other things that lawyers should conduct the cases in a respectful manner, restrains them from acting with incivility , rudeness or showing disrespectful conduct to the presiding judge.
absenteeism and incivility were not tolerated
Last year 70 complaints of incivility were recorded by the force.
However, the principle of civility certainly does not require the state to enforce that value, by criminalising incivility .
This spectrum of ‘legitimized’ violence continues through the acts of the eco-terrorists and animal liberationists to widespread rudeness, crudeness and incivility .
Enraged bus users are misdialling and then subjecting the holiday team to every type of incivility , both before and after they were told of their error.