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incision / разрез, надрез, рассечение
имя существительное
section, cutting, cut, incision, slit, mine
incision, notching, snip, gash, snick, hack
dissection, incision, section, cutting
notching, incision, knurl, hatching, dent, scratch
cutting, cut, incision, scission, section
имя существительное
a surgical cut made in skin or flesh.
an abdominal incision
The canyons attain depths of 700 m and widths of 15 km, with incision extending from near the top of the Munyarai Formation to the level of the Meramangye Formation.
The surgeon makes the skin incision and places a self-retaining retractor to open the surgical wound.
Now mediastinoscopy involves the use of a rigid bronchoscope and a surgical incision made in the suprasternal notch.
The cut wall of the bowel heals to the edges of the surgical incision , which is thus kept open.
Advantages of cryosurgery are that it is quick, is cost-effective, does not involve a surgical incision , and requires minimal equipment.
Immediately after the surgical incision was made, she began decompensating and, within minutes, went into full cardiopulmonary arrest.
In some caves, glyphs were cut into deep clay banks along the cave walls; in those cases, incision with a sharp tool is the rule, and images are formed by single traces.
Two phases of valley incision have been observed beneath the flood basalts in the Nuussuaq Basin.
An effort also should be made by the surgeon to avoid placing a surgical incision through a pre-existing wound.
The surgeon placed two drains in the surgical incision , closed the wound, and applied a sterile wound dressing.