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incise / надрезать, делать разрез, гравировать
incise, snick, scotch
делать разрез
slit, incise
engrave, etch, grave, chase, enchase, incise
mark or decorate (an object or surface) with a cut or a series of cuts.
a button incised with a skull
The desired outcome was based on the surgeon's ability to manipulate a cryolathe, which is an instrument designed to incise tissue linearly.
A score was at first a cut (it is related to shear) but then developed to mean a notch in a piece of wood, an idea it keeps in the modern verb ‘to mark or incise a line‘.
As the painting emerges from the alternate scumbling and glazing of the surface, Gobhai marks in his definitive lines, drawing and sometimes incising them with a burnishing tool.
Surgeons should be strongly encouraged to refrain from incising the tumor capsule prior to examination by a pathologist; incisions result in tissue retraction and can compromise margin assessment.
The boy was admitted to hospital, and three days later the swelling was incised and drained under general anaesthesia.
I shaped a bird of sorts on the handle and incised Somare's totem on the blade.
And a bit further down the page, ‘The simple surfaces look almost as if they have been incised with a sharp tool.’
Engraving, or incising , to use Wood's term, refers to cutting into the plaque to form the design so that the face of the plaque is flat, the design inset as an intaglio.
At least two storage jars are known that have been incised in script indicating ownership or intended contents.
As you do - or at least as you do if you are engaged in public art, providing the poem which will appear on a piece of sculpture, whether incised into stone or stamped into steel, carved in wood or inscribed on stained glass.