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incipient / зарождающийся, начинающийся, начальный
имя прилагательное
incipient, infant, inceptive
incipient, inceptive
elementary, initial, primary, early, opening, incipient
имя прилагательное
in an initial stage; beginning to happen or develop.
he could feel incipient anger building up
Martha's experiences as both a normalista and a paraprofessional enhanced her development as an incipient teacher.
At least at the beginning of the incipient movement, conservatives and libertarians could find a common enemy in the growth of the New Deal welfare state.
Indo-American relations have developed genuine, if incipient , contents.
It may be the knowingness not of incipient sexuality, as some commentators have argued, but rather of being regarded by a camera.
I am assuming the groomsman is an incipient politician - maybe mayor number three?
Although it is still too early to draw any final conclusions, we do have incipient evidence that the peer groups are making a difference.
The intentional note of grief, imagined, anticipatory, and incipient , is again an important element of that defense.
Pletnev's new version does much to tame the score's incipient vulgarity without compromising its more grotesque elements.
He hits on the tight connection in everything we're seeing between incompetence, state mendacity and incipient authoritarianism.
Meanwhile, the French girl has had time to take in the holiday wear - the extra-large T-shirt, the shorts, the sandals with cotton socks, the incipient sunburn.