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incinerator / мусоросжигательная печь, печь для кремации
имя существительное
мусоросжигательная печь
incinerator, destructor
печь для кремации
имя существительное
an apparatus for burning waste material, especially industrial waste, at high temperatures until it is reduced to ash.
Burning of waste material in incinerators produce dioxin like gases and produce serious health problem.
waste incinerator
Each year, medical waste incinerators in the United States spew 16 tons of mercury into the air.
Subsequently, many medical waste incinerators were unable to comply with the new regulation and have shut down.
The disposal of medical waste through on-site incinerators would be a cure that is worse than the disease itself.
This would drastically cut the amount of waste being dumped in landfill sites and reduce the risk of waste incinerators being built in our area.
Medical waste incinerators are some of the worst environmental polluters in the United States.
Waste incinerators would not be built until at least 2013 and then only if other measures were failing to bite.
There are plans to build treatment plants for non-recyclable waste and incinerators to generate energy from rubbish.
He said incineration would also deal a blow to recycling because the materials going into the incinerators were often required for recycling.
Dioxins are highly toxic and very persistent compounds released by incinerators and industrial processes such as steel-making.