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incinerate / сжигать, испепелять, превращать в пепел
burn, incinerate, combust, burn up, burn out, burn away
incinerate, sizzle
превращать в пепел
destroy (something, especially waste material) by burning.
such garbage must be incinerated at the hospital
If, however, the plant will be able to incinerate the material within a reasonable time, and can store it in the meantime, then it is not a misuse of language to say that the plant currently has incinerating capacity.
But best of all, this new form of reactor can incinerate waste from other reactors, turning today's noxious stockpiles into energy.
Similarly, it used to be perfectly in order to incinerate confidential papers.
The group have pointed out that a section of the Kildare Waste Management plan has suggested that Kildare could incinerate their waste in the Midlands.
It had also been permitted to incinerate garbage, but the company has suspended the activities on its own, the officials said.
Now modern cities appropriate millions of dollars a year to incinerate garbage and even more money to recycle it.
The proposed plant will mass incinerate waste but it will use thermal treatment as part of its separation and treatment process.
CoCo View incinerates its garbage, and the strong smoky smell often permeated the rooms.…
I was assured that as Bolton incinerates its rubbish, and the incinerator is used to produce electricity as a by-product, that in effect this waste is being recycled.
Instead of incinerating the waste, hospitals should reduce the use of PVC and mercury products, as safer alternatives are easily available.