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incidentally / между прочим, случайно, в данном случае
между прочим
incidentally, inter alia, in passing, apropos, en passant, passingly
occasionally, accidentally, by chance, by accident, at random, incidentally
в данном случае
used when a person has something more to say, or is about to add a remark unconnected to the current subject; by the way.
incidentally, it was many months before the whole truth was discovered
in an incidental manner; as a chance occurrence.
the infection was discovered only incidentally at a postmortem examination
There's a magazine devoted to them, and a museum, which incidentally , I have been to.
EMH foci in the liver are usually asymptomatic and may be discovered incidentally .
Key lime pie, which incidentally ought to be yellow and not green, is understandably big on Florida dessert menus.
incidentally, it was many months before the whole truth was discovered
Salivary stones may be discovered incidentally on dental radiographs or during routine examination.
Your uniform is a mess incidentally and I am writing of it to your mother.
River water, incidentally , is even drinkable today after a good boil.
Some people say the best things in life happen incidentally , by chance, that fate defines what becomes of us.
The author Picador poached from Random House is, incidentally , the first British winner since 1998.
I went to see it the other day, incidentally , it's still there, still exactly as it was in 1935.