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incidental / случайный, побочный, несущественный
имя прилагательное
random, casual, accidental, chance, occasional, incidental
side, incidental, collateral, secondary, indirect, lateral
insignificant, inessential, immaterial, inconsequential, nonessential, incidental
имя существительное
побочная линия сюжета
имя прилагательное
accompanying but not a major part of something.
for the fieldworker who deals with real problems, paperwork is incidental
liable to happen as a consequence of (an activity).
the ordinary risks incidental to a fireman's job
имя существительное
an incidental detail, expense, event, etc..
an allowance to cover meals, taxis, and other incidentals
Most cakes were eaten as incidental items to accompany a glass of sweet wine (the origin of the Madeira cake) or a dish of tea.
Yes, like I said we still don't have the money to cover even the incidental expenses, so I'm spending out of my pocket.
The scholarship will cover the full tuition and accommodation fees involved but will not cover travel to the Colaiste or other incidental expenses.
Thus, for example, activities initially incidental to the main of an area of land may grow in scale to a point where they convert the single use to a composite use and produce a material change of use of the whole.
We manage 90 seconds of incidental chitchat before conversation dries up.
A hundred dollars left at the desk to cover any incidental expenses I might incur in a day didn't get me effective use of the phone in my room or access to the mini-bar.
Achieving this designation in public policy requires identifying opportunities both as a specific agenda and as incidental to other APA activities.
Criticism of the footnote is not a quibble about a minor incidental proposition.
The team will pay for their own accommodation and it is hoped a sponsor will come forward to cover incidental expenses so all the money raised can go directly to Rosemere.
For instance, a charity has to refrain from political advocacy, unless such lobbying activity is merely incidental to the charitable purpose.