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inch / дюймовый
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
height, altitude, elevation, depth, pitch, inch
growth, increase, rise, growing, height, inch
двигаться медленно
inch, limp, putter, go at a crawl
двигаться осторожно
имя существительное
a unit of linear measure equal to one twelfth of a foot (2.54 cm).
the toy train is four inches long
a unit used to express other quantities, in particular.
a small island or a small area of high land.
move slowly and carefully in a specified direction.
the 2,000 mourners inched along narrow country lanes
‘It is always a magical experience to come back here,’ says Caroline as we inch along the banks of the salmon stream flowing past the lodge.
Fact is, as this tricky little self-delusional phrase indicates, corporately we're not budging an inch , and never will until we're all dead of profit.
At this point, Jenni had begun to inch away along the wall, palms pressed against the rough surface of the wall.
Not that this has persuaded any of Mr Keyes' successors at the Dublin Custom House over the past half century or so to budge an inch .
He would slowly inch his finger into the case while his comrades watched, rubbing their hands together in maniacal glee.
If she doesn't budge an inch , it may be time to call in the reinforcements (that means ask your parents or school counselors to step in).
Overall, everyone's favourite self-indulgent superpower hasn't budged an inch .
The screwdriver barely fit, and he was just tall enough to reach it, but it was enough, and he started to slowly inch the screws out of the door.
Autorickshaw drivers, on the other hand, refuse to budge an inch on the issue of switching to digital meters.
Scalia budged not one inch during the question-and-answer period after a speech Tuesday at Amherst College in Massachusetts.