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incense / ладан, фимиам
имя существительное
incense, frankincense, olibanum
курить фимиам
incense, thurify
incense, anger, disgruntle, irritate, displease, exasperate
имя существительное
a gum, spice, or other substance that is burned for the sweet smell it produces.
Instead, they burn incense and other sweet odors and light candles.
perfume with incense or a similar fragrance.
the aroma of cannabis incensed the air
make (someone) very angry.
she was incensed by the accusations
Instead, they burn incense and other sweet odors and light candles.
The pungent aroma of incense filled the corridor as the door opened wider.
the sharp lingering sweetness of incense
The sweet smell of incense filled Hitomi's nose, making her feel slightly light-headed.
She always had some sandalwood incense burning when she sang, or wrote.
He could see the cloth wrapped crystal next to the burned out incense stick.
The people also held various kinds of burial rituals and burnt incense on special days.
But it returns to a recent past, in a softly lit yoga hall decorated in muted earthly tones and perfumed with incense .
The reception area smells of incense and curry.
The room was filed with stale smoke and faint incense , mixed with a strong odor of wine and ale.