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incautious / неосторожный, неосмотрительный, опрометчивый
имя прилагательное
careless, unwary, indiscreet, incautious, imprudent, unguarded
imprudent, inconsiderate, incautious, unadvised, unguarded, precipitate
reckless, rash, heady, hasty, inconsiderate, incautious
имя прилагательное
heedless of potential problems or risks.
he blames incautious borrowing during the boom
And a senior official from the Economic Development and Trade Ministry called the idea ‘very incautious .’
The UK's international alliances could be damaged by the incautious assertion of arguments under international law which affect the position of those other states.
My optimism may seem incautious , but it starts from an appreciation of how dynamic capitalism evolves continuously from its own restless energies.
In a later interview he judged that his earlier assertions about freedom were incautious ; but he still held that in the end one is always responsible for what is made of one in some absolute sense.
What shall I do in such fearful combat, weak, incautious , divided in myself?
A carefully structured and deliberated response can be shattered into pieces in a few seconds by an incautious word over the telephone.
To force all the cultural developments of a complex age into a single pattern might seem incautious .
Some people in society refuse to understand me, saying that I was incautious for going out at night.
I will explain how this came about, since I still cannot believe that I was so incautious as to assent when the Lord asked me to come down.
He would be incautious in dipping his pen into his inkstand.