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incarcerate / заключать в тюрьму
заключать в тюрьму
imprison, jail, incarcerate, prison, cage, confine
imprison or confine.
many are incarcerated for property offenses
Rather, we differ from other nations only in our high propensity to imprison nonviolent offenders and to incarcerate them for long periods.
And while it's pretty expensive to incarcerate men, you can expect to spend double the cost to incarcerate women because of the cost of their confinement and also the cost to society of their kids.
The agency has expressed interest in renting a facility near Chicago where it can incarcerate immigrant detainees awaiting deportation hearings.
Crime is up, and jails, which disproportionately incarcerate blacks, are ‘the biggest industry in several states,’ he says.
You can visit Robben Island, too, 7km off the coast, where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for all those years.
Police also learned that the brothers had just recently been released from jail where they had been incarcerated for theft.
He remained undeterred by several incarcerations , but his growing suspicion of authority caused him to move to a place from where he could easily slip out of reach.
These days politicians of every hue attempt to prove themselves tougher on crime than their opponents, thinking up ever more ingenious means of incarcerating an even greater part of the population.
Why must poor drug offenders be subjected to public humiliation and incarceration ?
And, the number of incarcerations since 1970 has increased 30 times compared to the previous five decades.