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incapable / неспособный, недееспособный
имя прилагательное
unable, incapable, incompetent, inefficient, inept, ineffective
имя прилагательное
unable to do or achieve (something).
Wilson blushed and was incapable of speech
unable to behave rationally or manage one's affairs; incompetent.
the pilot may become incapable from the lack of oxygen
Churches and pro-life organisations fear that the bill could result in incapable adults being denied food and drink at the insistence of a relative empowered to act for them.
After several seconds of being incapable of speech, Audrey finally got a grip on herself… sort of.
Now 78, Eduardo is wheelchair bound, alert but incapable of speech.
It is not much more than a year ago that he dismissed the UN as an inefficient, bureaucratic organisation incapable of decision or action.
It only looks broken because we are now asking it to perform a function of which it is incapable .
Beth's weary loyalty towards her incapable boyfriend is fun to watch.
What would you do if you ever became paralysed or incapable ?
He wishes he could organise his time better but feels incapable .
Consequently he was incompetent, cognitively incapable of envisioning change and probably dangerous.
He was arrested for being drunk and incapable and was taken to Toller Lane police station in Bradford, where he was locked up and placed under half-hourly observation.