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incandescent / раскаленный, сверкающий, накаленный
имя прилагательное
incandescent, fiery, sizzling hot, candent
sparkling, glistening, brilliant, flashing, incandescent, resplendent
incandescent, hot, glowing
имя прилагательное
emitting light as a result of being heated.
plumes of incandescent liquid rock
passionate or brilliant.
Mravinsky's incandescent performance of Siegfried's Funeral March
Fireflies may not mate normally near incandescent light because it mimics the spectrum they create when they light up.
For example, a 60-watt incandescent bulb has very little blue/purple in the spectrum of the light it emits.
These use about 75% less energy than incandescent lamps, and emit 90% less heat for the same amount of light.
Light figured in all but one of the works - either neon, incandescent , black or laser light, or a combination of types.
This film brought to light his incandescent talent.
They are simply incandescent with rage that while the working classes unionists may have had little, at least they had more than the Catholics.
Without sources of light, they're all lit by incandescent smolderings of light from odd corners.
Over in the west, a subliminal azure glow that had been growing brighter and brighter suddenly sent a shaft of incandescent radiance up into the atmosphere.
And the rising sun met the falling star and flashed into coruscant life, a roaring tide of fiery might that batted away cold beams and sent an incandescent lance of godly light in retaliation.
Certainly the energy of Redgrave's performance for Welles is incandescent with the uncoiling of the character.