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inbuilt / встроенный
имя прилагательное
inbuilt, integral, imbedded, built-in
имя прилагательное
existing as an original or essential part of something or someone.
the body's inbuilt ability to heal itself
But you do at least get to record ‘video e-mails’ using the inbuilt camera and microphone.
Satisfying his inbuilt drive to explore and understand, Peter had experienced real science, science not swamped by a torrent of words.
If I haven't come out spitting blood it is only because I have become philosophical about what football can throw at you and have an inbuilt resistance to showing emotion.
He needs also to challenge the inbuilt tendency of his colleagues to focus on how to distribute the resources they have rather than focus on entrepreneurialism and wealth creation.
Personally I think that a musician or for that matter every artist is an adventurer, so there is no inbuilt defense mechanism that stops you from exploring.
Some people think our climate has natural inbuilt stabilisers.
He is also concerned about students using MMS phones with inbuilt cameras to take secret pictures of teachers in the classroom.
This is an inherent inbuilt attitude that men have towards women.
I know that some of them are risking their lives for finding out facts as well, but at the same time there is an inbuilt tendency to look for the worst case interpretation.
My inbuilt political correctness allowed me to express my opinion that the recently passed laws regarding same sex marriages are just an equalisation of rights.