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inbred / врожденный, прирожденный, природный
имя прилагательное
congenital, innate, inherent, inborn, natural, inbred
inborn, born, congenital, native, inherent, inbred
natural, native, innate, inborn, indigenous, inbred
имя прилагательное
produced by inbreeding.
a classic inbred Englishman
existing in a person, animal, or plant from birth; congenital.
inbred disease resistance in crops
breed from closely related people or animals, especially over many generations.
persistent inbreeding has produced an unusually high frequency of sufferers from this disease
Many of these kittens are inbred and born with deformities and disease.
The small, inbred population is more susceptible to decline via disease and natural disaster.
Offspring from smaller populations were on average more inbred , so inbreeding depression in clonal fitness was higher in small populations.
i'm not sure what it is but i still have an innate, certainly ingrained, perhaps inbred , suspicion of the police.