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inbound / входящий, прибывающий, возвращающийся
имя прилагательное
incoming, entering, inbound, ingoing, incomer, re-entrant
arriving, inbound, incoming, in
inbound, recurrent
имя прилагательное
traveling toward a particular place, especially when returning to the original point of departure.
inbound traffic
throw (the ball) from out of bounds, putting it into play.
The most common event is inbounding the ball, either from the baseline or the sideline.
That traffic entering and emerging from Straylands Grove to Malton Road interrupts the inbound bus lane.
The experiment re-routed inbound traffic through the adjacent Victorian archway, which was previously used only by outbound vehicles.
The spokesman also said that the lane only applies for inbound traffic for three hours during the morning and evening rush hours on weekdays.
Delta Airlines said that it expects its first inbound flights from Canada to arrive later today and intends to resume service from European cities tomorrow.
Last month more than half of the passengers passing through Prestwick were inbound travellers.
Those lanes had been carrying inbound traffic during the latest phase of the Fort Pitt Bridge and Tunnels reconstruction project.
I decided that at some point we would have to bail out and return on the next inbound car.
The outbound tunnel is now being used for inbound traffic.
Ten inbound long-haul flights, including from the US, Japan, South Africa, India and Japan, were also due to take off.
U.S. Cellular is on the south side of Chicago, and inbound evening rush-hour traffic from the north and west has become oppressive.