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inboard / внутри судна, внутри корабля
внутри судна
внутри корабля
имя прилагательное
находящийся внутри корабля
расположенный внутри корабля
within a ship, aircraft, or vehicle.
the spray was coming inboard now
имя существительное
a boat's engine housed inside its hull.
Meanwhile, the state of California, through its powerful Air Resources Board, is moving toward requiring catalytic converters on marine sterndrives and inboards , ahead of the EPA.
While the engine pads are about 10 times more expensive than the thin single sheets, with this experience our team started believing they would be worth using under inboard engines.
The oars on the portside of the ship came up, and were hauled halfway inboard .
Among the worst offences were falling asleep on duty, refusing to follow orders, or ‘unclean behaviour’ - such as relieving bodily functions inboard , rather than using the rudimentary toilet facilities.
A verbal exchange with the RHIB crew, other SUNC's and the man took place, and the child was then taken back inboard by the man, subsequently assisted by the boarding party.
A new departure of the company is the stocking of inboard Yanmar and Mercruiser diesel engines.
We maneuvered alongside and got lines round it and heaved it inboard .
Unfortunately, there was no inboard computer.
And they pulled me inboard , and they put me right up in the bow, of the whaler, and they covered me with a tarpaulin or something.
The engine is a Chrysler 318 V - 8 inboard with a straight shaft.
The wheels moved backwards as the struts shortened up and then swung inboard , pulling clam shell covers with them.