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inaugural / вступительный, инаугурационный
имя прилагательное
opening, entrance, introductory, admission, inaugural, prefatory
inaugural, inaugurating
имя существительное
речь на торжественном открытии
inaugural, inaugural address
инаугурационная речь
inaugural address, inaugural
имя прилагательное
marking the beginning of an institution, activity, or period of office.
his inaugural concert as music director
имя существительное
an inaugural speech, especially one made by an incoming US president.
One criticism of the president's inaugural is that it was a nice speech, but that his credibility is zero: no one believes anything he says.
In President Bush's case, his first inaugural was well-written, but it didn't really say very much.
I took her to the first Reagan inaugural ; Bill Buckley was there too.
He says the widely-held view that American men stopped wearing hats after JFK didn't wear one to his inaugural is a myth.
It was the best Democratic speech since FDR's first inaugural address.
Two scholars count Garfield's inaugural as his only significant speech.
With the first inaugural , it was all the excitement of the inauguration and so on.
After the inaugural address by E. Vasu, writer, the participants read out their short stories.
The formal inaugural ceremony at Nottingham will be held this July according to Yang.
Anyone who observed the second inaugural of President Bush could not help but notice the frailty of Chief Justice Rehnquist.
You helped draft President Clinton's second inaugural , is that right?