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inactive / неактивный, бездействующий, недействующий
имя прилагательное
inactive, inert, slack
inactive, dormant, idle
inactive, inoperative, inoperable, ineffective, inofficious, out of gear
имя прилагательное
not engaging in or involving any or much physical activity.
an inactive lifestyle
‘We concentrate a lot on co-ordination and mobility because as we get older we loose our co-ordination if we become inactive ,’ said Mrs Smith.
Although married men are more likely to be overweight or even obese, married adults are less likely to smoke, drink heavily or be physically inactive .
Alteration of residues by site directed mutagenesis which are close to, or in contact, with the sugar result in variety of effects ranging from insoluble protein through inactive enzyme to little observable change.
The other two were born from the remains of political formations now inactive but which at one time had parliamentary representation.
A small study compared five patients with active CD to five patients with inactive disease and found serum zinc levels significantly lower in those with active disease.
In fact, if their work-outs encourage other young people to take more exercise at a time when there is concern about too many members of that generation being physically inactive , it could well do some good.
This seems particularly likely in the patient who had an old, inactive hip joint tuberculosis and a false-positive PCR test result from the knee joint sample in this study.
You should remain physically inactive for at least 1.5 hours after every time you have consumed some fresh raw fish or egg yolk.
I've actually grown to appreciate my rest days because I don't view them as lazy, inactive days, but rather as free, unstructured ones.
A different mechanism for maintaining and inheriting a pattern of active and inactive genes relies on chemical or structural alterations in the chromosomes.