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inaction / бездействие, пассивность, инертность
имя существительное
inaction, inactivity, standstill, idleness, inertia, hibernation
passivity, passiveness, inaction, drift
inertia, inertness, inactivity, sluggishness, passivity, inaction
имя существительное
lack of action where some is expected or appropriate.
future generations will condemn us for inaction
Indecision and inaction can lead to bigger problems in business so avoid procrastination and delay.
future generations will condemn us for inaction
They say the Council's inaction has allowed a worsening of conditions at the spot.
The consequences of inaction for our nation and the world are too shocking to consider.
That the police failed to interview him was more to do with their own inaction than clearing him of alleged guilt.
The Government, with one eye on the ballot box, is paralysed into inaction .
The inaction of our parliament condemns another generation to ill health and addiction.
And what about the actions or inaction of some of those higher up who didn't do what they should have?
Accepting that unfortunate fact is by no means an argument for inaction .
After a long period of inaction , they are looking forward to loads of fun.