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inaccuracy / неточность, ошибка
имя существительное
inaccuracy, imprecision, inexactness, inexactitude, laxity
error, mistake, fault, flaw, fallacy, inaccuracy
имя существительное
the quality or state of not being accurate.
a weapon of notorious inaccuracy
Even British journalists concede that the dark side of their emphasis on speed and exclusivity is the persistent problem of inaccuracy .
Other writers may have been mistrustful of the notorious inaccuracy of the process of printing.
Is there a desire to make those quotations, to make those historical observations accurate, or is there a desire for inaccuracy to be in play?
That one scaremongering piece of inaccuracy aside, the lack of coverage is still remarkable.
a weapon of notorious inaccuracy
Ever since literary criticism expanded to include online chatter on the web, writers have been on their guard against the piranhas of the web, who feast on every inaccuracy and gang up shamelessly for the kill.
Some cars have computers that calculate this for you, but these are prone to inaccuracy .
The question may well become one of the degree of unfairness or inaccuracy, and the reason why unfairness and inaccuracy has crept in.
I am not asking you to debate the accuracy or inaccuracy of that proposition of law.
The team will ransack every word of testimony, memo and report for any inaccuracy , inconsistency or contradiction.