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inaccessible / недоступный, недосягаемый, неприступный
имя прилагательное
inaccessible, out of reach, unapproachable, unobtainable, impenetrable, inapproachable
unattainable, inaccessible, untouchable, unachievable, approachless
unapproachable, impregnable, inaccessible, forbidding, unassailable, unscalable
имя прилагательное
unable to be reached.
a remote and inaccessible cave
(of language or an artistic work) difficult to understand or appreciate.
We continue to sign collective agreements that are generally written in complex and inaccessible language.
(of a person) not open to advances or influence; unapproachable.
He'd heard about the Nuba and he wanted to find them, but they were very inaccessible .
I told him that I thought his film was fairly inaccessible , difficult to enter.
The man, believed to be white and in his 30s, was lying by the track in a deep cutting which was almost inaccessible to the emergency services.
Much of this audio was hitherto inaccessible , locked in record company vaults, private collections, archives and radio station libraries.
They seem to be impervious to weedkillers and they spread into such inaccessible places that digging them out would be a difficult and mammoth task.
In Scandinavia, during harsh winters when voles are scarce or inaccessible under thick snow, most of a hawk owl's diet can be made up of birds.
Gonzalez and Russom are hardly inaccessible artists.
The team of officers will also be able to respond quickly to 999 calls and reach areas inaccessible to vehicles.
Whether venturing to the most inaccessible places on earth or roaming his estates in Cheshire, he did it in style.
The passage cited above articulates that which cannot be articulated, namely Orion's inaccessible language as the spirit of Damballah.
New pipes had to be laid down the middle of the road, leaving the village's main byway completely inaccessible to vehicles.