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inability / неспособность, невозможность
имя существительное
inability, failure, disability, incapacity, incapability, incompetence
impossibility, inability
имя существительное
the state of being unable to do something.
his inability to accept new ideas
Those who know him insist he's driven by an utter inability to accept defeat.
Perhaps the pitch contributed to their inability to play any decent football in the first half.
As the disease progresses, total paralysis and the inability to speak or swallow result.
the inability of the soldiers to understand an alien culture
He quit soon after, apparently in frustration at his inability to control the situation.
The use of mouthwashes is not advised in young children due to their inability to spit.
As a result of his inability to cope he said that he was drinking too much and covering up his inability to run the store.
his inability to accept new ideas
his inability to accept new ideas
With me that manifests itself as a clamming up, an inability to talk about what's important.