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in-store / про запас, впрок, наготове
про запас
in store
in store, preserve, to preserve
ready, in readiness, at call, on the alert, in store
имя прилагательное
within a store.
an in-store bakery
Table I presents attitudes toward in-store nutrition information at each grocery store.
Currently, the pave is going out in the standard in-store bakery bag, so you have to hunt a bit to identify it.
There will also be lots of in-store activities on Saturday, November 23.
Less, because consumers are now more willing and able to shop online, which may result in fewer in-store visits.
To determine your potential in-store customers at a particular location research the traffic count.
The recent appointment of in-store merchandisers and account managers is an example of this initiative.
And who do you think writes the in-store magazines, the supermarket magazines and those you see on trains, free to the traveller?
Asda now has around 100 stores across Britain with in-store chaplains.
The promo is supported by TV commercials and in-store advertising.
Spar convenience stores have also had a mixed experience of in-store TV advertising.