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in-line / в развернутом строю
в развернутом строю
in line
имя прилагательное
having parts arranged in a line.
a 24-valve in-line 6-cylinder engine
constituting an integral part of a continuous sequence of operations or machines.
a two-stream in-line fuel-oil blender
The Army took the opposite view and felt that pursuits could only attain high speeds via the use liquid-cooled in-line engines which offered better streamlining possibilities.
The V50 has transverse in-line engines in both 5-cylinder and four-cylinder guise.
However, self-reported data from nurses and respiratory therapists indicate that only 42% of staff always rinse the in-line suction catheter after use.
During the tube extrusion process, air at atmospheric pressure enters the tube through the core tube on a crosshead die, or the spider leg of an in-line die.
It does this by moving the material through the stacker frame to an in-line tension stand and double-ended rewind reel.
The new in-line 6-cylinder engine gets 225 horsepower, which is plenty of punch for the roadster's lean 3,000-pound weight.
Designed for both in-line and manifold mounting, the valve is supplied with an optional sandwich speed control that mounts between the valve and the manifold.
If you read your e-mail remotely using SSH and a text-based client, it then is possible to bring up in-line images over the same xterm window.
We do not know if this practice contributed to growth of pathogens in the in-line suction catheter, because continuous suction is not applied when the equipment is used in this way.
He prefers in-line emitter tubing with 1/2-gallon per hour emitters preinserted inside the tubing every 12 inches.