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in-house / внутренний, внутриведомственный, внутрифирменный
имя прилагательное
interior, internal, inner, domestic, inside, in-house
имя прилагательное
done or existing within an organization.
in-house publications
without assistance from outside an organization; internally.
services previously provided in-house are being contracted out
Each employee receives ten days of training a year, as well as an in-house training and development programme called Jigsaw.
Students performing in-house work placement activities are actually developers in residence.
He joined the firm in early 2002 to manage discretionary segregated portfolios and in-house funds.
Their in-house photographer must have taken a snap of me as I helped myself to another one judging by this picture that appears on their web site.
There's the increase in in-house publication, made possible by the same lowered barriers.
Complex instruments of payload are being made in-house by small teams in national labs, not outsourced.
The roster will run alongside the existing in-house design department, BBC Design and Publications.
We are actually able to keep our costs down through our volunteers and doing things in-house .
Star then decided to run Star News in-house while NDTV announced its plans to run channels of its own.
Microsoft Publisher allows you to create sales and marketing materials in-house .