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in-home / дома
имя прилагательное
(of a service or activity) provided or taking place within a person's home.
the best in in-home entertainment
But these increases were offset by the throngs of Americans who preferred in-home entertainment.
Supervised by home economist, their responsibilities include in-home economic and health education activities.
The service includes an in-home visit during which the designer measures the space and takes digital photos.
There are an estimated 30,000 war widows in Kabul alone, so the ability to earn income from in-home work is not guaranteed.
How to supervise therapists providing in-home services is another potential challenge.
The idea of leaving their home or receiving in-home help for everyday activities can be distressing for your parents.
She was offered the services of an in-home protection service worker but refused.
This programme supports those families who are providing in-home care for the intellectually disabled and represents a very good investment of public funds.
There is also an in-home respite service for parents and carers of children under 18, which provides a break for the parents or carers.
The program pays a modest hourly wage to workers who provide in-home care for hundred of thousands of low-income elderly, blind and disabled people.