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in-depth / тщательный, всесторонний
имя прилагательное
thorough, meticulous, rigorous, close, accurate, in-depth
comprehensive, all-round, all-around, in-depth, across-the-board
имя прилагательное
comprehensive and thorough.
in-depth interviews
He would not need to be so craven if he looked at in-depth polls showing that the public is not nearly as punitive as commonly perceived.
Contributions are many and varied, from simple ideas and resources to in-depth lesson plans and schemes of work.
The internet can offer you everything from a search engine to find that perfect little cottage to in-depth scene guides.
The event will be followed by an in-depth interview and a Q&A session.
Interviews were semistructured and in-depth , and were carried out in patients' homes.
I have nothing but praise and admiration for his in-depth knowledge and understanding of the game in all its facets.
At most conventions, there takes place an in-depth discussion on party policy.
I would rather have done an in-depth investigation into five-star hotels on the French Riviera.
The research group conducted surveys and in-depth interviews with petitioners.
They then ask the reader to take a closer look, reflecting the in-depth analysis in the articles.