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in-box / входящие
имя существительное
send a private message or an e-mail to (someone, typically another member of a social networking website or Internet message board).
I'll inbox you on Facebook when I get home
имя существительное
an electronic folder in which e-mails received by an individual are held.
You all have truly made opening my in-box fun, and intellectually challenging - and utterly daunting.
The unified messaging server gives the user a single in-box for e-mail, voice mail and fax transmissions.
If enough of us clog his in-box maybe he'll take time to read it.
In your in-box , move any e-mail you have received from your group into the folder.
These services have their negatives, such as ads that continuously appear on screen or pop into your e-mail in-box .
With so much spam clogging my email in-box , I couldn't survive any more without this program!
Since I was buried under a mound of paperwork that looked more like a ‘Jinga’ game then an in-box one of my soldiers, SPC Rivers, went along with the convoy.
Many of us remember the trippy, innocent elation inspired by our earliest Google searches or our first encounters with an in-box full of e-mail on a Monday morning.
Nothing makes me angrier than opening my email in-box to find over 150 messages, wading through them all, and discovering that 135 of the messages rate as nothing more than junk.
So yesterday morning, when News Alerts deposited into my in-box a half-dozen links to news stories mentioning me, I swiftly clicked through the assortment.