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impute / приписывать, вменять, вменять в вину
attribute, ascribe, assign, impute, credit, attach
вменять в вину
represent (something, especially something undesirable) as being done, caused, or possessed by someone; attribute.
the crimes imputed to Richard
Perhaps a key way to fix things is to impute the loss to information processing-based economies on a country basis - as a tax on top of transactions aside from Treasury purchases.
Consumers would make their own judgments and the resulting demand would impute value to these warranties.
He then considered the situation wherein workers impute no value to the insurance and demand for the industry's product is inelastic.
Of course he denies all of this and, in an act of arrogance that seems consistent with the Machiavellian machinations imputed to him, refuses to dignify the charges with a response.
The central point of God saving the ungodly is that He does so by imputing the righteousness of Christ to the one who believes.
You are not, as you have said, expected to judge that answer, but when it comes to replies, the Standing Orders are pretty clear that arguments, inferences, imputations , etc., are not acceptable from a Minister.
But in my view such knowledge should not be imputed to the company, for the essence of the arrangement was to deprive the company improperly of a large part of its assets.
He is highly overrated as a strategist - indeed Democrats have imputed to him almost magical powers to shape events in the most complicated ways.
Crucial facts are elided and fictitious positions are imputed to his opponents.
In other words, most of the evils imputed to my solution in fact continue under the occupation.