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impurity / примесь, нечистота, загрязнение
имя существительное
impurity, admixture, addition, additive, touch, dash
pollution, contamination, impurity, pollute, defilement
имя существительное
the quality or condition of being impure.
They also maintained that illness, poverty, business failure, or any other misfortune is simply due to sin and spiritual impurity .
a struggle to rid the soul of sin and impurity
In order to teach these concepts of movement and philosophy, I adopted an ancient Chinese term Hakuda, which translates as ‘striking without impurity .’
In Galatians 5: 19-21 the list is headed by sexual immorality, impurity , licentiousness, and idolatry.
It's pretty much a rule of politics that when a party has been out of power for a while it is willing to tolerate a decent amount of ideological impurity in its presidential candidate.
When the underlying chemistry is not well understood, this high-resolution method can distinguish one similar impurity from another.
However, on the arrival of some believers from Judea, allied with James on the issue of table fellowship, Peter declined to eat with Gentiles on the grounds of ritual impurity .
It corrupts the soul and causes wars and pestilence and… impurity .
One of the more entertaining aspects of working for an institution like the Weekly is to see how often the readers sense some sort of betrayal, some creeping sign of impurity .
There are whole areas of Amsterdam devoted purely to impurity .
A p-type impurity region is formed under the gate electrode of the transfer transistor and within the semiconductor substrate, and the process can proceed without being limited by the self-alignment.