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impure / нечистый, неочищенный, грязный
имя прилагательное
unclean, impure, dirty, wicked, muddy, dark
crude, raw, unrefined, unpurified, unpeeled, impure
dirty, messy, filthy, muddy, foul, impure
имя прилагательное
mixed with foreign matter; adulterated.
bullets cast from an impure lead
morally wrong, especially in sexual matters.
citizens suspected of harboring impure thoughts
And we may sometimes have impure thoughts when we see the photograph of a pretty woman with big breasts.
They clean the impure water from the impurities and chlorine makes water fit for drinking.
The materials alchemists used were typically impure mixtures whose composition varied according the site from which they originated.
Truth is after all universal and all over the place, though in bits and pieces at times, disguised, hidden, not unlike traces of gold mixed with impure minerals.
In Africa like most third world countries, most of the water consumed is impure .
When the powder was mixed with impure water, large numbers of babies got sick.
They smoked cigarettes or drank water using their left hand, which is considered impure .
The exclusion of the eunuch is ideologically accomplished by designating him as ritually impure .
In addition to plucky songwriting, its sheer honesty offers a voyeuristic thrill: Clark sounds naked to the point of sexual, even when her subjects are far removed from impure thoughts.
It was a well-known fact that imperfect drainage, impure water, overcharged graveyards and want of ventilation, which was usual in places like this, carried the cholera germs.