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improvisation / импровизация, экспромт
имя существительное
improvisation, impromptu, extemporization, ad-lib
impromptu, improvisation, extemporization, ad-lib
имя существительное
the action of improvising.
He learned to play the piano by ear, developing a talent for improvisation which, years later, he would put to good use during the filming of America: A Personal History of the United States.
One suspects that like his concert performances, there's a lot of improvisation and busking.
She is playing to a loyal audience here, but shows a good deal of humour and improvisation in her performance.
His concerts are a mixture of improvisation , passion and emotion with a candid sense of humour.
Additional sessions will focus on improvisation , adult group piano study, motivating teens to continue music studies, and playing and teaching by ear.
The next evening, in the company of a local trio, he served up the perfect blend of lyricism, improvisation , swing and team work.
‘Through improvisation we got to thinking about going through doors to other worlds, and so the door is very significant in this production as the main feature of the set,’ Jon says.
There was a lot to observe: how to shape material for maximum impact; timing; improvisation ; how to handle unresponsive audiences or hecklers.
The floats, although not many, were terrific, with some improvisation where wagons were not available.
Saadoun says: ‘I think musicians enjoy playing with me because we do a lot of improvisation , so they can express themselves.’
We were in need of either inspiration or improvisation .