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improvident / непредусмотрительный, расточительный, нерасчетливый
имя прилагательное
improvident, ill-judged
wasteful, lavish, prodigal, extravagant, profligate, improvident
wasteful, improvident
имя прилагательное
not having or showing foresight; spendthrift or thoughtless.
improvident and undisciplined behavior
Consequently, early versions of the installment plan were dismissed as the folly of the improvident poor, immigrants, and women.
Many people of normal capacity make improvident and unwise decisions in business matters.
This bill proposes to create a civil action for the improvident transfer of property by a vulnerable adult.
No evidence is found that would suggest in all the circumstances that the transaction was intently improvident or fraudulent.
He had hoped it would bring him money and social position, but Emily's father ties up her fortune, and Lopez is revealed as an improvident adventurer.
Lily is spoiled, pleasure-loving, and has one of those society mothers who are as improvident as a tornado.
Born in London in 1914 and educated at private schools, he never knew his father and grew up in lodgings with a mother who was as improvident as she was unpresentable.
No evidence was adduced to show that this was an improvident sale.
Or put another way, it's stealing from tomorrow to make up for the improvident ways of today.
Henry VI proved to be improvident , malleable, vacillating, partisan, uninterested in the arts of government, and, above all, antipathetic to the chivalric world his ancestors had adorned.